Published books and handmade books, the latter produced under the name digit press.


lumpCuts: AI Poetics

Handmade minimalist poetry pamphlets produced via GPT-2 trained on ‘The Lump’, a dataset comprising ‘every poem I’ve ever written ever.’


Classic twentieth-century poems reimagined as videogame instructions!

Occasional Poems 2012-2019

Collection of performance-style, commissioned and otherwise ‘occasional’ poems.

fiat ontology: a ‘pataphysical proteus playthrough

Handmade minimalist poetry pamphlet based on 2013 indie game Proteus.

makar/unmakar: twelve contempoary poets in scotland

Anthology of contemporary poetry from Scotland (editor).

Glasgow Flourishes

Performance poem and accompanying pamphlet; a commission for TEDxGlasgow.

Know Yr Stuff: Poems on Hedonism

My first published poetry pamphlet.

AI-generated close-up image of an unidentifiable green fruit or legume on a green background.

Poems in Anthologies

Cool anthologies featuring some of my work.