Bright Club: Stand-Up Comedy

Back when I was a PhD student I joined a postgraduate comedy group called ‘Bright Club’, wherein we tried to transform our academic research into short stand-up comedy sets, performing the results at comedy clubs and other venues around Scotland. Here are a few sets of mine from those heady days.

A Party Political Broadcast On Behalf of the Optimistic and Hedonistic Fucked Up Caledonian Kollective Advocating Yes to Everything (O.H.F.U.C.K.A.Y.E.) Party, Bright Club Referendum Special, Glasgow 2014

All Modernist Cons, Dundee Literary Festival, Dundee 2014

Drunken Master Poetaster, The Stand, Edinburgh 2013

Drunken Master Epic Poetaster, Museum Lates @ National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh 2013